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"British Military Intelligence (1939-1945)"
A Living History Display Group

The aim is to bring to the attention of the general public, the many roles and activities performed by this group mainly during WWII period.
From Field security and the interrogation of captured prisoners of war, working as part of the SOE (Special Operations Executive) and SIS (Secret Intelligence Service (MI6)) Espionage, Spying, helping to form and organise resistance groups in occupied countries.
Secret code deciphering (more than 40% of the code breakers at Bletchley Park (working on the Enigma Code) were members of the Intelligence Corps), Planning and advising as well as taking part in many well documented and famous operations (not just for the Army).
They played important roles in operations like The Dambusters raid on the Mohne Dam, Operation Market Garden (Arnhem) “A Bridge Too Far” it was the Intelligence Corps that warned of the German Panzer units resting in Arnhem, The destruction of the V1 rockets at Peenemunde and later the V2, the destruction of the “Heavy Water” production plant in Norway… told in the movie “The Heroes of Telemark”.
They were definitely the unsung heroes of our military history.

This is a WWII Living History Group
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